Hey all,

A new ticket has just been created for Hive to support dynamic partitions.

Register and vote for it to make it a priority. I think this feature would
make Hive (particularly partitions) vastly more useful.
From the description:
If a Hive table is created as partitioned, DML could only inserted into one
partitioin per query. Ideally partitions should be created on the fly based
on the value of the partition columns. As an example:
{ create table T (a int, b string) partitioned by (ds string); insert
overwrite table T select a, b, ds from S where ds >= '2009-11-01' and ds <=
'2009-11-16'; }
should be able to execute in one DML rather than possibley 16 DML for each
distinct ds values. CTAS and alter table should be able to do the same
{ create table T partitioned by (ds string) as select * from S where ds >=
'2009-11-01' and ds <= '2009-11-16'; }
{ create table T(a int, b string, ds string); insert overwrite table T
select * from S where ds >= '2009-11-1' and ds <= '2009-11-16'; alter table
T partitioned by (ds); }
should all return the same results.

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