Hadoop Fans, we're getting down to the wire for Hadoop World. We
couldn't be happier with how the schedule has come together.

For a full list of speakers and registration details, see
http://www.cloudera.com/hadoop-world-nyc - and if you plan to attend,
register this week, as prices go up $100 after September 21st.

We received nearly 50 submissions, and it was hard to trim this down,
even after creating a 3rd track. To provide more speaking
opportunities and time for the community to share their personal
experiences, Cloudera engineering is hosting a welcome reception with
lightning talks, an open bar, and live entertainment between talks.
There will be no sales or marketing from Cloudera or anyone else, and
talks are limited to 5 minutes to keep things lively. You'll find the
welcome reception in the Roosevelt Grill on the main floor, just off
the hotel lobby.

We'll get started at 6PM on October 1st. We'll also let you
pre-register for the conference so you can skip the line in the

At the main event, we're particularly excited to hear from Yahoo!
about upcoming API enhancements and security work. The whole team over
there is doing great stuff in this department, and it's features like
this that will help pave the way for serious enterprise adoption of
Hadoop. Facebook is also going to do a deep dive into HDFS
improvements and Hive - other key features for delivering a scalable
platform for a wide variety of data intensive applications.

You'll also hear from leading techologists at traditional enterprises
using Hadoop to solve real business problems today. Of particular note
are VISA on Large Scale Transaction Analysis, IBM on Ad-hoc Web Scale
Analytics, JP Morgan Chase on applications in Financial Services, Booz
Allen on Protein Alignment and Amazon Web Services on Bioinformatics.
These are in addition to all the usual suspects crunching big data in
the web space, and demonstrate how much closer we are to the beginning
of the Hadoop upswing than a plateau. These are exciting times, and we
hope you can all join us.

Christophe and the Cloudera Team

get hadoop: cloudera.com/hadoop
online training: cloudera.com/hadoop-training
blog: cloudera.com/blog
twitter: twitter.com/cloudera

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