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In case you are wondering whats up with deluge of emails from jira, here is
whats going on.

FixVersion is targeted for usage by committers. It should be set by a
committer at the time of commit. In most cases, commit is going to be only
on trunk, in which case next release version number should be picked. If
commit is also made on an already released branch then, next release
version number of that branch should be added in addition. For example, if
you make a commit on trunk only now, fixVersion is 0.10.0. If you make a
commit on trunk and 0.9 branch, then fixVersion is 0.9.1 and 0.10.0.
So, request to committers is to please mark the fixVersion while committing

Please don't set the fixVersion. While submitting bug report, please use
Affect Version to indicate which version you have tested for your bug.
Leave the fixVersion empty. It creates lot of confusion while generating
release notes as to whats in the release and whats not.


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