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I set my Hbase' table families to a relativly small MAX_FILESIZE value
of 10Mb (to get many regions fast), which triggers a

"CompactSplitThread:IOException: Could not complete write to file..."

after some time - with a lost region (lost until restart of that RS). It
does not happen on any compaction/split though, I estimate in 1 of 20 cases.

I am loading small records at a rate of 100..600 per second to a 20 node
cluster (20x16Gb,4Core). LZO compression. Hbase 0.20.3.
dfs.datanode.socket.write.timeout=0 if that matters.

Has somebody an idea, why this underlaying hdfs error occurs (as
explained by Todd in the hadoop-common list)?


Am 06.04.2010 17:43, schrieb Todd Lipcon:
Hi Al,

Usually this indicates that the file was renamed or deleted while it was
still being created by the client. Unfortunately it's not the most
descriptive :)

On Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 5:36 AM, Al Lias wrote:

Hi all,

this warning is written in
makes the calling code in throwing an IOException.
if (fileBlocks == null ) {
"DIR* NameSystem.completeFile: "
+ "failed to complete " + src
+ " because dir.getFileBlocks() is null " +
" and pendingFile is " +
((pendingFile == null) ? "null" :
("from " + pendingFile.getClientMachine()))

What is the meaning of this warning? Any Idea what could have gone wrong
in such a case?

(This popped up through hbase, but as this code is in HDFS, I am asking
this list)

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