My guess is execution of hadoop script vs. launch of a child task differ
in the *.site.xml files they load???? Ie. My mapred-site.xml which
contains the Zookeeper quorum is read during IsolationRunner's run but
the childTask does not have the same access. Has anyone setup zookeeper
and pointed datanodes to zookeeper? Is that done through the
mapred-site.xml or zoo.cfg file?

Okay, so I have been running into my TaskNode not connecting to
Zookeeper(map/reduce involving hbase and hbase connects there not me).
I get this in the logs

011-01-02 15:28:26,250 INFO org.apache.zookeeper.ZooKeeper: Initiating
client connection, connectString=localhost:2181 sessionTimeout=60000

Clearly, it should not be connecting to localhost since I have zookeeper
running on a different node than the DataNodes-TaskNodes.

Now, the kicker, when I run IsolationRunner, the log is the following

11/01/02 16:28:54 INFO zookeeper.ZooKeeper: Initiating client
connection, connec

tString=DENVER-DEV3.test.jsq.bsg.ad.adp.com:2181 sessionTimeout=60000


which is the correct node. I don't get it.

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