Some North Texans are getting together on March 22nd at
the Cohabitat coworking space to write some code to process
Big Data. It's looking like a common theme will be Hadoop:


Get started, or get farther, with your Big Data project in the
company of other hackers. No speeches, just code.

1) Hadoop HelloWorld. Get a simple Hadoop job up and running
on your laptop. Get familiar with the vast array of configuration
settings, processes, ports and servers it can seem like Hadoop
needs to perform even the simplest calculation.

2) Hadoop with Cassandra on EC2. Do some real calculations
on at least a couple machines. Get advice on handling
abysmal EC2 IO bandwidth and learn how to quickly spin down
everything you spin up as soon as the processing is done. And
help anybody stuck on #1.

3) Advanced stuff. Whatever you can imagine. And help
people stuck on #1 or #2. And you're the man, dog.

It's a "micro" hackathon both because of the length (just a couple
of hours) and the number of people (less than 20) that the venue
can easily accommodate. Did I mention it's free? Hope to see
some of you there.


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