Release 0.6.3 of Katta is now available.
Katta - Lucene (or Hadoop Mapfiles or any content which can be split into shards) in the cloud.

The changes of the 0.6.3 release:
fix KATTA-165, fix IndexOutOfBoundsException when adding index with enabled throttling
fix KATTA-161, fix deadlock situation when node gets disconnected from zk and so becomes unresponsive
fix KATTA-162, Allow LuceneClient to be extended more easily
fix KATTA-156, allow shard selection by regular expression
fix KATTA-163, don't exit node/master operation thread in case an unexpected exception occurs
fix KATTA-160, Stop trying to rebalance/replicate an index when the index could not be found in the file system any more
fix KATTA-134, cobertura.jar version mismatch when compiling /extras/indexing
fix KATTA-153, LuceneServer loads all fields from index, even if only fewer are requested
fix KATTA-157, set timeout on LuceneClient
fix KATTA-154, HitsMapWritable readFields does not add hits optimally
fix KATTA-152, modify LuceneServer for easier sub-classing
fix KATTA-159, LuceneServerTest does not compile
fix KATTA-150, port parameter for startNode command
fix KATTA-149, remove unnecessary synchronization from LuceneServer
fix KATTA-148, fix debug statement which prevent katta from running with debug log level
fix KATTA-147, upgrade to zookeeper 3.3.1

See full list of changes at

Binary distribution is available at

Special Thanks to Mathias Walter for his contributions!

The Katta Team

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