Hi all,

There should exist a "hadoopctl" (A typical script found with most
standard opensource utils) script which provides a central way of executing
scripts or doing all the tasks. Accompanied by a proper man page it would
serve as a standard way of starting various daemons with complete
configuration details. Standard because most of the other opensource tools
and even bigger applications have such support.

A worth-noting advantage it provides is that - with changing of design of
internal classes e.g. deprecation and changes in classpath etc... The
hadoopctl script will serve as a complete abstraction and wont bother end
user. Second advantage will be limiting the number of variables needed to
export and Third will be users will have to consult just one script to
build there way of automating hadoop installation by building scripts on
the top of hadoopctl by consulting a simple man page. *Segregation of three
projects is great but consulting documentations and script of three
different projects to do one thing doesn't sound that cool. *

Having said that the script does not have to be a
"hadoop-setup-singlenode.sh", instead a better way of doing it would be


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