Inconsistent behavior when passing a path with special characters as literals to some FsShell commands

Key: HADOOP-7222
URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-7222
Project: Hadoop Common
Issue Type: Bug
Components: fs, scripts
Affects Versions: 0.20.2
Environment: Unix, Java 1.6, hadoop 0.20.2
Reporter: Karl Kuntz

hadoop dfs -put test^ing /tmp <- works
hadoop dfs -ls /tmp <- works, shows the file in the dir
hadoop dfs -ls /tmp/test^ing <- fails, returns "ls: Cannot access /tmp/test^ing: No such file or directory."
hadoop dfs -get /tmp/test^ing test^ing <- fails, returns "get: null"

It is possible to put a file with some special characters, such as ^ using the hadoop shell. But once put one cannot ls, cat, or get the file due to the way some commands deal with file globbing. Harsh J suggested on the mailing list that perhaps a flag that would turn off globbing could be implemented. Perhaps something like single quoting the file path on the command line to disable globbing would work as well.

As an example in the source for 0.20.2 the ^ character in particular wasn't escaped in in the output pattern in FileSystem.java @line 1050 in setRegex(String filePattern).:

} else if (pCh == '[' && setOpen == 0) {
hasPattern = true;
} else if (pCh == '^' && setOpen > 0) {
} else if (pCh == '-' && setOpen > 0) {
// Character set range
setRange = true;

After looking in trunk, it seems to have been dealt with in later versions (refactored into GlobPattern.java)

case '^': // ^ inside [...] can be unescaped
if (setOpen == 0) {
case '!': //

but even after pushing that back in 0.20.2 and testing it appears to resolve the issue for commands like ls, but not for get. So perhaps there is more to be done for other commands?

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