documentation lists options in wrong order

Key: HADOOP-7220
URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-7220
Project: Hadoop Common
Issue Type: Bug
Reporter: Dieter Plaetinck
Priority: Minor

On http://hadoop.apache.org/common/docs/r0.20.2/streaming.html various example use -D flags.

I noticed if you invoke hadoop this way, it won't work.

dplaetin@n-0:/usr/local/hadoop/bin$ ./hadoop jar /usr/local/hadoop/contrib/streaming/hadoop-0.20.2-streaming.jar -file /proj/Search/wall/experiment/ -mapper './build-models.py --mapper' -reducer './build-models.py --reducer' -input sim-input -output sim-output -D mapred.output.key.comparator.class=org.apache.hadoop.mapred.lib.KeyFieldBasedComparator -D mapred.text.key.comparator.options=-k1,2n
11/04/12 10:39:28 ERROR streaming.StreamJob: Unrecognized option: -D

Usage: $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar \
$HADOOP_HOME/hadoop-streaming.jar [options]
-input <path> DFS input file(s) for the Map step
-output <path> DFS output directory for the Reduce step
-mapper <cmd|JavaClassName> The streaming command to run
-combiner <JavaClassName> Combiner has to be a Java class
-reducer <cmd|JavaClassName> The streaming command to run
-file <file> File/dir to be shipped in the Job jar file
-inputformat TextInputFormat(default)|SequenceFileAsTextInputFormat|JavaClassName Optional.
-outputformat TextOutputFormat(default)|JavaClassName Optional.
-partitioner JavaClassName Optional.
-numReduceTasks <num> Optional.
-inputreader <spec> Optional.
-cmdenv <n>=<v> Optional. Pass env.var to streaming commands
-mapdebug <path> Optional. To run this script when a map task fails
-reducedebug <path> Optional. To run this script when a reduce task fails

Generic options supported are
-conf <configuration file> specify an application configuration file
-D <property=value> use value for given property
-fs <local|namenode:port> specify a namenode
-jt <local|jobtracker:port> specify a job tracker
-files <comma separated list of files> specify comma separated files to be copied to the map reduce cluster
-libjars <comma separated list of jars> specify comma separated jar files to include in the classpath.
-archives <comma separated list of archives> specify comma separated archives to be unarchived on the compute machines.

The general command line syntax is
bin/hadoop command [genericOptions] [commandOptions]

For more details about these options:
Use $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar build/hadoop-streaming.jar -info

Streaming Job Failed!

I could only make it work by moving the '-D flags to the front' (right after the streaming.jar part). maybe because it's a generic option, it needs to be in front or something.

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