Server listener binds to wrong IP address for domain name given

Key: HADOOP-6429
URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-6429
Project: Hadoop Common
Issue Type: Bug
Components: ipc
Affects Versions: 0.22.0
Environment: Ubuntu Linux, kernel 2.6.24-25-server, x86_64 architecture. Java 1.6.0., OpenJDK. Server has 4 physical Ethernet cards, configured as follows: {{eth0}} is assigned an IP address {{external-ip}}. {{eth1}}-{{eth3}} are bonded as {{bond0}}, which is assigned an IP address {{internal-ip}}. This server has two dns entries: {{external-dns}} which resolves to {{external-ip}} and {{internal-dns}} which resolves to {{internal-ip}}.
Reporter: Eric Anderson

In my configuration files, I specifiy:

The name node server binds to address {{external-ip}}:8020, while all the data nodes try to connect to {{internal-ip}}:8020, and nothing works.

Low-level: I've traced this down as far as {{org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Server}}, private class {{Listener}}.
/** Listens on the socket. Creates jobs for the handler threads*/
private class Listener extends Thread {

private ServerSocketChannel acceptChannel = null; //the accept channel
private Selector selector = null; //the selector that we use for the server
private InetSocketAddress address; //the address we bind at
private Random rand = new Random();
private long lastCleanupRunTime = 0; //the last time when a cleanup connec-
//-tion (for idle connections) ran
private long cleanupInterval = 10000; //the minimum interval between
//two cleanup runs
private int backlogLength = conf.getInt("ipc.server.listen.queue.size", 128);

public Listener() throws IOException {
address = new InetSocketAddress(bindAddress, port);
LOG.info("in Server/Listener. bindAddress=" + bindAddress + ", address="+address); //Added by EA for testing
// Create a new server socket and set to non blocking mode
acceptChannel = ServerSocketChannel.open();

// Bind the server socket to the local host and port
bind(acceptChannel.socket(), address, backlogLength);
port = acceptChannel.socket().getLocalPort(); //Could be an ephemeral port

The problem seems to be in the line {code}address = new InetSocketAddress(bindAddress, port);{code}. bindAddress contains the DNS name of the *internal* interface, but address comes out with the IP address of the *external* interface.

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