Hello everyone,
I've got an idea of how to improve the execution time of map phase in a
heterogeneous environment (when other processes may run on the machines
rendering it slower than other machines). Currently map phase process data
in larger chunks (usually 64MB). At the end of map phase data assigned to
slower nodes (strugglers) are reassigned to faster nodes and map phase
finishes whenever one of these tasks finishes sooner. The other one is

Lets assume there are two TaskTrackers each processing 128MB. One of these
two is significantly slower. After first node process all 128MB (2 x 64MB)
the second node has processed let's say only 80MB (1 x 64MB + 16MB).
Currently the first node will be assigned to the second chunk from the
second node (64MB) and will finish it probably faster then the second node.
The second task on second node would be killed. When the first node finishes
the reassigned data the second node will process approx. 100MB which means
that 36MB were processed redundantly.

My idea is that on each node there will be a special DataAssign thread which
will take care of assigning data to each map thread. This thread will
communicate with JobTracker and inform it about the progress. It will also
split data into smaller chunks (i.e. 32MB) and assign these smaller chunks
to map thread upon request. In the scenario above, the JobTracker will
realise that the second node is slower so it will notify the DataAssign
thread that it should not assign last 32MB to its node, but this last
smaller chunk (only 32MB) will be assigned to the first node. At the end of
the day, no data will be processed twice and overall execution should be

In addition to this I would like to change the implementation of the
JobTracker so it will assign whole input file(s) to all nodes at the
beginning taking into account the data locality. After that the data may be
rebalanced depending on the info retrieved from the DataAssign thread.

Do you think it is a good idea? Do you think it could work? Has anyone been
(or is) working on this or similar feature?

Thank you for all replies and suggestions.

Yours Sincerely,

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