I've done a lot of tweaking and testing but still can't find a solution.

What I want to do:
Set a Gentle alarm 1 hour before my work time, which is set in my google
calender. For the sake of simplicity, there's only my work schedule inside
GCal but eventualy I would like to be able to add other stuff and detect
work hours in the agenda by searching for the string "work".
The task run every evening at 6 o'clock.

I've been able to make this work but I want to go further : detect start
and end of work and being able to record my work as two different entries
so I know when's my lunch time and also because my phone goes to full
silent when work is on : for now, it's in silence even when I'm eating (I
don't want that).

My problem is I have a hard time splitting the feed from Google Cal. It
seems to react differently from time to time. I sort the calender xml this
way :

Instead of having one result, I have severals. Sometimes there in there
right order, sometimes not, sometimes the end time is before the start
time, that sort of stuff. If someone as master this kind of stuff, I would
really love the help.

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