I have two topologies let say TopologyONE.jar and TopologyTWO.jar. When I
load the topologies with storm jar, if I load them in order TopologyONE
then TopologyTWO everything works great. If I try to load them TopologyTWO
and then TopologyONE .... TopologyONE never loads. The storm UI displays
the name of the topology but the supervisor just keeps logging
"supervisor.....still hasn't started" and then eventially Task TopologyONE
timed out.

It is like there is some class loading problem. I am sure that I am using
some of the same classes packaged inside the topology jars themselves. Like
in both Topologies there is a spout class with the same name but I figured
that it would not matter. Has anyone seen anything like this?


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  • Sg at Dec 12, 2012 at 5:18 pm
    Forgot to add, the UI displays the name of the Topology but if you click
    the name it goes to the Topology summary page and except for the HTML
    labels there is nothing there. stats/Spouts/Bolts are empty.
  • Sg at Dec 12, 2012 at 8:02 pm
    I did this to myself. I set the numworkers conf.setNumWorkers() to 150. I
    am testing on a three node cluster and configured 30 slots on each worker
    machine. When I started the first topology TopologyONE and then TWO it
    worked because ONE had the num workers set to 1. TWO had the workers set to
    150. TWO didn't get all the resources it wanted but it took what it could
    and started.

    In the other case I started TWO first (workers set to 150) and then ONE.
    TWO had already taken all the resources and ONE could not get any. It
    launched but was never able to create any BOLTS/SPOUTS.

    I am guessing there should be some kind of message here so the user doesn't
    spend a couple hours figuring it out but it is probably a non-issue due to

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