Any update about this issue? I meet the same problem.
After the error log: "virtual-port [INFO] Received invalid message directed
at port", the worker stopped to receive message.

Thanks very much

在 2011年12月16日星期五UTC+8下午3时56分48秒,Tejas写道:
Hi Nathan,

We tried out the below things and got the msg "virtual-port [INFO]
Received invalid message directed at port 2. Dropping.." after which
everything stopped working

1. Supervisor is running on machine 1
2. Topology is submitted
3. Our spout looks for the presence of a file to start the tasks. So
copied the file to the appropriate dir and topology started execution
4. From the UI, it was clear, 4 worker nodes on machine 1 started
processing the tasks
5. Now, started the supervisor on another machine, machine 2
6. After a few secs in the UI, i could see both the supervisors and
the worker nodes on machine 2 also started taking some tasks (in the
topology UI, under the bolt for which paralellism is defined as 10)
7. After a few secs, noticed strange behaviour in UI, all the columns
like uptime, process latency, emitted, transferred got resetted for
all the worker nodes in both the machines
8. Not all submitted tasks were processed
9. Just checked one of the worker logs, in the middle of emitting saw
this msg "virtual-port [INFO] Received invalid message directed at
port 2. Dropping.." and emitting has stopped after this.

Could you pls help?


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