Hey, sorry for the mess. Our application for Spree was accepted ant the end
so we can now decide for the concrete project:) Yipeee:)

Thank you all for your ideas:)

joneslee85, we would be happy to take your offer to work with us and be our
mentor. I said to the organisers I will send them project idea and mentor's
name by the end of weekend (CET):)

Your Theme market idea sounds really cool to me, but I just wonder if any
of those two projects are appropriate for beginners. We will have coaches,
though, that will get us through the process and help us learn on the way,
but just let us know if it's possible for us to do it. We unfortunatelly
did only Ruby for couple of months (2-3h weekly):)

If you think of another more suitable project for us, we are open for your
suggestions. In general, we would go for sth that you would be interested
and would be appropriate for the beginner:)

Thanks so much in advance:))


T: @ninabreznik <https://twitter.com/ninabreznik>

FB: http://facebook.com/ninabreznik <https://www.facebook.com/ninabreznik>

On Monday, June 3, 2013 11:50:33 AM UTC+2, Nina Breznik wrote:

Hey guys,

we are Maja and Nina, Rails Girls from Berlin, originally from Slovenia
and we saw Spree project as a perfect project for Rails Girls Summer of
Code and we´re interested in working on it.

We did weekend RG workshop and been learning in project group since
November - mostly Ruby, not much of Rails yet and now we feel ready and
passionate to make step further, super excited about the opportunity to
join the RGSoC and dive into Open Source.

We are wondering if and how perhaps could we contribute to Spree,
considering we´re still kind-of-beginners? We are willing to work full time
for 3 whole months.
There are few friends programmers who already showed enthusiasm to coach
us, so all we need is a right project(s) and a cool mentor who would guide
us through working process and point us to tasks that need to be done.

*So… our question is: if we get accepted (fingers crossed for donations),
would we be able to contribute to Spree and is there possibility one of
main maintainers would help us as mentor?*

Have a supernice day and thanks in advance for your help,

Nina and Maja

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