DOH! Said really loud while smacking ones forehead!

It states that:
At this point, if you are using spree_auth_devise you will need to change
this line in config/initializers/spree.rb:

Spree.user_class = "Spree::LegacyUser"

To this:

Spree.user_class = "Spree::User"

And since that was I wanted to test I should do that ... in the dummy app
generated by rake test_app in my extension!
So, if anybody else hits this you can learn from my many hours of stupid
failing tests.

Den tirsdag den 21. maj 2013 13.59.14 UTC+2 skrev Simon Træls Ravn:

Anyone here running spree 2.0 and knows the trick to creating a test for
user logon - spree_auth_device has a spec for testing that, but it does
not work, and spree_auth_device seems to have a teststatus of failing.

Am building extensions for a project and would like to do some TDD but it
is not easy when I can't logon to spree in my tests.

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