I would like to instruct user to provide his name, company, phone number
during registration. So that in admin panel, I could get to know who they
are. By using the information, I could verify if the registration is valid,
say by calling them. Afterwards, I may provide discount according to
different companies.

I know currently spree is using '*spree_auth_devise*' to manage the
authentication. And I found tips on customization here.<http://guides.spreecommerce.com/authentication.html> I
install the 'devise' gem, and start to build up my own *User* model.
Everything looks fine. I could manage to use the '*User*' model to store
customers' information. However, as new fields are added to the Model. I
have to remove '*spree_auth_devise*' gem, as its model doesnt have the
fields. Otherwise, it will cause errors.

This removal brings another headache for me. I soon realized I have to
rewrite the '*User Panel*' in Admin page. It would be lots of work.

May I know if there is any other ways of doing this by adding more fields
into the registration? Could I simple add lines of codes in
'spree_auth_devise' to fulfill this purpose? Thanks in advance.


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