Hi All,

Trying to do something different with variants/options and not coming up
with a good solution. Hoping someone can point me in a direction.

I'm wanting to add an option to a product that can be repeated. For
example, there's a super cool box of legos, and the user can pick if they
want to fill it with up to 5 different lego kits. So they could pick a
large blue lego kit (adds $10), a small red lego kit (adds $3), a small
green lego kit (adds $2.50) and a couple more, you get the idea.

I've played with a number of the plugins that let you define 'ad hoc'
options so you don't have to build all of the variations ahead of time, but
I can't quite figure out how to offer the same set of options more than

Thanks for any tips or suggestions you might have.

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