[SOLVED° I guess I found the answer myself ... using Deface Overrides is
fine, I created an switch_locale rb script in overrides w same name as
:name stated in :name => "switch_locale",... I only have to take care
about the correct selector : "ul#nav_bar", should be "ul#nav-bar" ... !!

Le samedi 16 février 2013 16:35:04 UTC+1, Erwin a écrit :
I am trying to use Deface for the first time and I need some guidance :

I would like to insert a specific partial (
/shared/switch_locale.html.haml ) inside the Spree ul#nav-bar :

<nav id="top-nav-bar" class="columns ten">
<ul id="nav-bar" class="inline" data-hook>
<li id="search-bar" data-hook>
<%= render :partial => 'spree/shared/search' %>

using Deface Overrides , I guess I should write the following, according
to the doc, but where should I write it ? ( in a script in overrides ?
named ? )

Deface::Override.new(:virtual_path => "spree/shared/°nav_bar",
:name => "switch_locale",
:insert_after => "ul#nav_bar",
:partial => "shared/switch_locale")

If I want to use the Deface DSL, how this should be rewritten ?
I tried to add the following haml code in a script
overrides/spree/shared/_nav_bar.html.haml.deface, but got syntax error w
the partial ...

insert_top 'ul#nav-bar' :partial => "shared/switch_locale"

any guidance welcome ...
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