I am attempting to follow the documentation outlined
here: http://spreecommerce.com/resources/hosting as I am hosting using
Rackspace and have never deployed a spree store before, but am having
difficulties with odd vagueness (as the above link suggests referencing
the “Deployment Guide” but does not link to which guid they speak of).

I blame all the nonsense on ignorance on my part - if someone could
summarize for me that'd be great.

- I have a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server running and I intend on having
my store and the database hosted on the same server.
- I fill out the form for Spree Deployment service and get a bash curl
command that looks like this: bash < <(curl -s
- I run that command from my root directory as a root user on my server.
- Then I copy the Capistrano script generated on the Spree Deployment
page and use that as my deploy.rb.
- From my computer I run `cap deploy:setup`
- Then I run` cap deploy`
- Then I get errors every time I run it and each time the error is very
similar to this, I say similar because the "20130215192720" number appears
to be different each time.
* executing "cd -- /data/my_app/releases/20130215192720 && bundle exec
rake RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets assets:precompile && cp --
servers: [""]
[] executing command
** [out ::] rake aborted!
** [out ::] No such file or directory -
. . . etc. . .

I don't bother carrying on from this point because I appear to be doing
something wrong.

Am I at least following the right steps? Am I completely misunderstanding
how I should be using this Spree Deployment service? What am I doing wrong

* If it matters, the Spree Deployment Service appears note my
"STATUS:Reported as 'failed' 9 minutes ago." (or any minutes ago) after I
run the bash curl command the first time and then it offers me an 'update'
command. Not sure what, if anything, I should be doing with this

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