As is probably obvious by now, I am very green RoR and Spree user. Learning
fast though.

I am having a lot of trouble with deployments not working as expected.
Latest issue seems to be stumbles in the deployed apps vendor/bundle area.

I've seen conflicting things on this so wanted to get the final word here
in the Spree users area.

Is vendor/bundle necessary?

Should this be tracked in git and deployed as part of the production

I am doing a 'bundle install" on the remote/production server, so seems
this would take care of any issues, but some cruft is getting left in the
vendor/bundle that is causing application failures to start. For example,
mysql and complaints about mysql2/mysql2. Removing this stuff seems to
allow the app to proceed, but is getting hung up on other things in the

I appreciate help getting this sorted out in my brain.

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