file registration_future.rb, it works => "spree/checkout/registration",
:insert_before => "div#registration",
:text => "<p>Registration is the future!
:name => "registration_future")

file home.rb, doesn't work => "spree",
:insert_before => "div#content",
:text => "<p>Registration is the future!</p>",
:name => "home")

file checkout_address.rb, woesn't work => "spree/checkout/address",
:insert_before => "div#checkout",
:text => "<p>Registration is the future!</p>",
:name => "checkout_address")

I have no ideas why. Is there any possibility to debug or trace it???

суббота, 19 января 2013 г., 15:04:00 UTC+4 пользователь Serega Sheypak
Hi. Sorry, can't understand how to use Deface.
I have an url: http://localhost:8080/spree/checkout As I understood It's
so called "virtual path"?.
These path has several steps, I want to change the first one: "Address"

There are fields I want to change or put away:
1. I want to put away 2nd address
2. I want hide "Country" field and set default value to my country
("Albania" for example)
3. I want to hide and set default value to "post code"

If I want to do so, what do I have to do?

I've tried to start from the simple example
app/overrides/checkout_address.rb => "spree/checkout",
:insert_before => "p#baddress2",
:text => "TEST insert_before",
:name => "checkout_address"

This override instantiation is really compiled. I've forgot to set :nameattr and got an error. I've added
:name attr and error disappeared.
I did come back to spree/checkout page and don't see TEST insert_before

What do I do wrong?

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