Hi Ryan

I was wondering about the spree version required to run this extension. It
says 0.70 on the git readme. Would this run on the latest version of spree
by any chance.

On Tuesday, February 7, 2012 7:25:26 AM UTC+8, Ryan Bigg wrote:

I was just notified this morning of the spree_suppliers extension, which
is what I think would solve your problem:

On Tuesday, 7 February 2012 at 7:53 AM, ScotterC wrote:

To elaborate on my answer for anyone who would actually like to do

Add to user model:
has_many :products

Add to product model:
belongs_to :user

Migration to add a user_id column to products table

Use CanCan authorization to make sure only users who own their
products can edit/create them.

On Feb 5, 5:20 pm, ScotterC wrote:

I've done this with Artsicle.com without using the multi vendor

If you have any experience with rails at all, it's not too difficult
to extend spree's core functionality.


On Feb 4, 5:17 pm, david wrote:

For a new business that is researching e-commerce platforms, I would
like to know whether Spree can be configured to easily allow anyone
(that is registered properly) to upload their own products for sale.
So, think EBay for example. This of course requires a very easy to
understand interface where a seller can easily upload product
descriptions, pictures, prices, etc. Thanks.

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