I'm having an strange issue with firefox driver trying to clicking an
invisible button.
This is the scenario: I have opened a modal popup that covers all the
screen and i try to click a button that is hidden under the modal page.
If I try this with chrome driver all works fine and I get a message error:
"Element is not clickable at point (32, 75). Other element would receive
the click..."
However, if I try with firefox driver the button is clicked and the page is
redirected to the url button.
I inspected the button element and it's not cached
   shouldCache = false
   cachedElement = null
   cachedElementList = null

I checked also if the element is avaiable: element.isDisplayed &&
element.isEnabled should be (true);
Chrome returns false (as expected) but firefox not.

Is this an issue related with firefox driver?

Firefox version: 37.0.2
Chrome version: 42.0.2311.90 -> ChromeDriver 2.15.322448
Selenium: 2.45.0

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