I've been using Selenium (C# version) as an important part of our
automation framework. Lately I've experienced pretty weird error.

I'm 90% sure, that it has something to do with Selenium itself since this
error does not happen when manually navigating through the site.

The thing is that when I click on link, that shows a new popup, where
should be displayed some kind of *.pdf report. When using Selenium driver,
after I click on the report generation link, I receive 'Access denied type
of error'. When I do this manually (i.e. not using Selenium driver), I can
see the report without any problem. Funny thing is that this 'access
denied' happens just on some computers. Two of my ten PCs are able to
display the report even when using Selenium driver, another eight fail with
'Access denied' message.

Pages are loaded within Internet Explorer. When I run Selenium driver for
Firefox, everything is OK. But I should be able to run tests on IE as well.

I'm not sure if I haven't described my problem in confusing manner,
hopefully not.

Any help really appreciated.


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