I found this solution to be helpful, and its pretty simple and you have
explained it clearly

Thank you,

On Friday, April 9, 2010 5:51:27 AM UTC-7, endarkened wrote:

you can use something like this:

while (!selenium.isElementPresent(locator)) {
try {
} catch (Exception e) {}

you can secure youself by setting a number of counter of iterations to
define a kind of "timeout" for this while().
if it does not help, could you please describe your application more
specificly - what is happening before you get timeout, what you do
want to happen and what is going to happen.
and a portion of code from which you get this error.
On 9 апр, 11:12, Aksha wrote:
Hi ,

This is rajesh.i have problem in running the selenium test case in
selenium rc. when i run the testcase i have to make selenium wait for
the element to load and then proceed.i have tast of registering 1000
users in our application using selenium.i have automated this
process.i am getting the error due to the wait time i have given.each
time i need to change it to run the process.so can you please let me
know any solution for this like asking the selenium to wait until the
element is loaded and then proceed.

any help is quite appriciated

thank you,

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