I've got Jenkins setup on Windows 2008 server running java based unit tests
via ant on the old selenium rc api. I've had success getting Chrome and
Firefox running, but IE hangs on most unit tests until timeout. In the
error log, I see that browser sessions are not getting started.

All of our sites are on SSL. I've enabled the trustAllSSLCertificates
parameter and installed the cyber villains certificates on the server.
I've changed the Internet Options settings to enable mixed mode content as
I know this causes a hang. The Jenkins + tomcat configuration is running
as an administrator account and is not logged in interactively. I've
installed the IE and Chrome drivers in the path.

I suspect IE is prompting about something, but when I run the tests on my
local machine with a selenium rc server running as my account, everything
works as expected provided the mixed mode is turned on.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can debug this further to find out
why IE is not working?

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