I am using Perl to run selenium tests on multiple browsers including
safari. My current test logs in to a router and navigates the entire GUI,
clicking on every button to make sure they take you to the correct page.
The test seems to work fine for most buttons but when some buttons are
clicked I get a '404 not found' error. I have noticed that when I get this
error, the URL in the address bar is different to what it should be, for

The actual URL that the button should open is **
The URL that selenium tries to open is **
I am still quite new to all of the features of Selenium and cannot
understand why it tries to open the second link with the reference to
Selenium server core. SafariDriver is installed as an extension in the
browser and is enabled. When I set my test to get the first URL it works
perfectly but when the test says to click the button it diverts to the
other URL and I get the 404 error. This is not the only button that does
this either.

Safari is started on the node as WebDriver protocol and the browser name is
configured as *safariproxy.

Any help would be much appreciated and I hope it is something trivial.

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