I had the same "OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException: No response from server
for url" on our build server when running tests with internet explorer. The
problem was that Chrome browser was installed as the default browser and
every time a test would run with internet explorer, the popup to setup
internet explorer as the default browser would open and make the test fail.
After making sure that all browsers don't ask to be the default browser,
the exception disappeared. Hope that helps!

Le mardi 24 janvier 2012 23:22:34 UTC+1, Scott M. a écrit :
mrstevegross -
You should be able to.

Our Ops team, from my understanding, setup an exception group and
added my test machines IP addresses to that group. This group has no
connection limit set and the proxy server essentially ignores my test
machines. I was out of the loop on the exact fix but in a nutshell
after digging through the old threads that's what happened.

My recommendation would be to work with your Ops team or sys admin.
What helped me prove to Ops that is wasn't the test itself and more a
proxy configuration issue was that I wrote a simple console app which
uses the selenium binaries and generates a request over and over via
Firefox and used that to show them the issue.

Hope that helps.
On Jan 17, 7:00 am, mrstevegross wrote:
After further investigations on my side it appears there was a
connection limit set on our proxy servers (about 40 requests per
workstation for a given minute), this was not only wreaking havoc on
my automation efforts using Selenium but it aided in identifying the
cause of some other intermittent issues my teammates have had with
their test tools.
So... is there any solution to this problem then? If we know that it's
due to limit imposed on requests-per-minute, can we raise that limit?

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