Hi ,

For our project/UI automation we are going to implement selenium
framework. When we are going to run the test through selenium RC
server , it does not able to launch the web browser, not run the test
through Junit. Also we did not find any logs, on the status screen. We
are currently using following versions :

Mozilla Firefox : 7.0.1
Selenium server : selenium-server-standalone-2.21.0,
java version -1.7

We have also tried with different selenium servers like selenium-
server-standalone-2.21.0, selenium-server-standalone-2[1].0b2 also by
downgrading the version of Firefox from 11.0 to 3.6, 7.0.1 etc.

Any pointer to above issue, would be a great help for us.

Thank you .

Priyaranjan Mohanty

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