We run large environment as well and we have jobs that takes a bit of time
to complete and comes back, hence we increased the timeout + syndic_wait on
the masters with syndic.
unfortunately, it takes forever for the prompt to come back even though the
results are back already.

salt version:
         Salt: 2014.7.2
          Python: 2.7.9 (default, Dec 30 2014, 13:07:54)
          Jinja2: 2.7.3
        M2Crypto: 0.22
  msgpack-python: 0.4.2
    msgpack-pure: Not Installed
        pycrypto: 2.6.1
         libnacl: Not Installed
          PyYAML: 3.11
           ioflo: Not Installed
           PyZMQ: 14.4.1
            RAET: Not Installed
             ZMQ: 4.0.5
            Mako: Not Installed

On Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at 9:31:20 AM UTC-8, Volker S. wrote:

Hash: SHA1

Hi all,

i have a question about salt+syndic+timeouts in general.

I have a rather large setup with about 12.000 minions

- - 1 main saltmaster where jobs are published
- - 2 syndics with about 6000 minions each

Overall im having the following problems:

a) publishing a test.ping for 1000 minions on the syndic takes about 15
seconds to return. Doing the same on the saltmaster (which then
publishies via the syndic) takes about 20(!) minutes.

What makes the syndic-take so much longer?

b) publishing a job on the saltmaster for a single minions returns
within seconds, but i have to wait for about a minute to get my prompt

Here is one example:
saltmaster~ $ time salt server01* test.ping

real 1m1.192s
user 0m0.332s
sys 0m0.016s

The prompt-issue is mainly due to a raised 'syndic_wait' value on the
saltmaster. I had to raise it, because leaving it at 1, makes me lose a
random number of minion-responses if i target "too many" (with too many
being sometimes 10 and sometimes 100+).

In general im really having trouble setting up a salt-environment where
i can have a saltmaster, a couple of syndics and several thousand
minions and have the minions reliably return their responses to the
single salt-master. I either have lost responses, timeouts, etc. or
publishing jobs and getting my prompts back takes forever.

Has anyone setup an environment like this (with syndics) and can share
some insight on how to doit.

- - felskrone

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