Hi All,

I'm not sure if I am configuring something wrong, but I'm trying to use my
custom grains and modules in a masterless setup using s3fs. I have the
"_grains/" in my base environment and when running "salt-call --local
saltutil.sync_grains" I get:

[INFO ] Sync local cache from S3 completed.
[INFO ] Caching directory '_grains/' for environment 'base'
[INFO ] Fetching file from saltenv 'base', ** done ** '_grains/ec2_info.py'
[INFO ] Copying '/var/cache/salt/minion/files/base/base/_grains/ec2_info.py' to '/var/cache/salt/minion/extmods/grains/../base/_grains/ec2_info.py'

This seems to be picking up the ec2_info.py custom grain file, however I
don't see the grains it is meant to add in "salt-call --local grains.items"
and the empty "local:" line above seems to be indicated (at least no new)
grains have been synced. I have the same issue with custom modules also,
not being available.

I've tried salt 2012.7 Helium and also RC1 of 2015.1

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks

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