I'm looking to add freebsd support to saltstack-formulas/bind-formula and
had a "best practices" related question. Unlike other *nix distros,
freebsd, by default, does not separate bind's config into smaller files
that are then included by named.conf. To add freebsd support to
bind.config, I see 2 possible options:

1) Add an additional "if" statement to test for freebsd and then add the
necessary state modules. Much like what has already been done for Debian
and RedHat. Unfortunately, as more OSes get added, this could lead to the
state becoming long and hard to maintain. Furthermore, this seems to also
lead to each OS having a different set of lookup variables.

2) Attempt to generalize the current version of bind.config by either a)
adding a "managed_files" option to the lookup table that can be looped
through for all the "included" files or b) creating a single named.conf for
all OSes.

Option 2 seems to be the best way to proceed, but I'm curious about the
option to create a single named.conf for all OSes. Would doing this be seen
as incorrect in the eyes of salt? Should OSes such as Debian and RedHat
keep the config separated whereas freebsd (and likely others) keep them as
one since that is the way the package is installed by default?

FYI, I'm new to salt and still learning the proper terms so hopefully this
makes sense. Thanks in advance.

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