disclaimer: I'm new to couchdb.
tl;dr: if you know a bit about couchdb, your thoughts regarding an API
extension are very well wanted!

This week I experimented with couchdb and the associated salt returner and
ended submitting a documentation patch:

Thomas Hatch suggest that salt should ship a handier returner out of the

While it is possible that I misunderstood how to use couchdb -then please
correct me!- it seems that the current returner is not practical (requires
using a couchdb database per minion).

I suggest that the database name and the document id be templates and
configurable at runtime.
For instance, one could have something like:

* configuration: couchdb.db: salt-{{ grains['id'] }}
* or run salt '*' module.callable --returner couchdb
--docid_template='foo-{{ jid }}-{{ grains['id'] }}'

Thank you for reading, and cheers !

Feth Arezki
https://www.majerti.fr - co-founder

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