same problem was happen in my environment. Can someone explain?

version of saltstack is 2014.1.7

On Friday, May 23, 2014 4:23:23 AM UTC+8, Glenn E. Bailey III wrote:

I have a test deployment of two Salt masters with 1000 minions pointing to
both and I'm noticing some odd behavior when trying to verify a node is up
with a 'test.ping'.

If I do say "salt -t 60 node_name test.ping" a good portion of the time
this will not return a result. But if I run the same command again right
after the timeout occurs, it returns successful.

Can someone explain what is causing this to happen? I'm working on a
project that 1st verifies Salt is communicating with the node with a
'test.ping' before actually moving forward with having it do anything. Is
there something I can tweak to get a better response time?

glenn - like tears in rain... Time to die.
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