I think what you'll want to do is write a custom state which inspects the
__running__ dictionary for the results of the git.latest states, and looks
for any that changed. Then you can pass that list into the command.

Colton Myers

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 4:22 AM, Peter Waller wrote:

Hi All,

I have ~20 git repositories updated with git.latest.

When one or more changes, I would like a single command to be invoked
(regardless of how many change). So far so good, we just use a cmd.wait
state with watch_in directives pointing from the git repositories to the
command to be invoked.

To make things more awkward, I want this (single invocation of the)
command to be given the list of git repositories which have changed.

Is this possible to achieve?

My high-level use case is to notify IRC of the packages that were updated
during a highstate.


- Peter
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