In my application I have to tables

1) Student
2) Alma Mater Department

Student table belongs_to :alma_mater_department and Alma Mater
Department has_many :students

Firstly, I want to predefined some data in seeds.rb for Alma Mater
table which I want to look like this

+ Type | Name +
+ B.Tech | Mechanical +
+ | Production +
+ | Electronics +
+ M.Tech | Mechanical +
+ | Production +
+ | Electronics +

What is the best approach of doing this kind of seeding (as it has
many repeating values)

Secondly, once done with above step, I want that under student's
new.html.erb there will be two <collection_select> fields

1) Where user can choose from Type
2) Where user can choose from Name

Say, user choose value == B.Tech Production (which according to table
is id=2). How to send that id thing in Student table and display them.

P.S: My problem is bit topsy turvy kinda thing. Please bear with me as
I am leaning these concepts.


Deepak Kumar Sharma
Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College


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