Hello Folks,

Invoker is a gem for managing processes in development environment. You can
install the gem via:

     ~> gem install invoker

And you can clone the code from:


After Installing gem, you need to create a configuration file:

     directory = /home/gnufied/god_particle
     command = zsh -c 'bundle exec rails s -p 5000'

     directory = /home/gnufied/god_particle
     command = zsh -c 'bundle exec ruby script/delayed_job'

     directory = /home/gnufied/god_particle
     command = zsh -c 'bundle exec ruby script/event_server'

And then you can start invoker supervisor by running:

     ~> invoker start invoker.ini

Now additionally you can control individual process by,

     # Will try to stop running delayed job by sending SIGINT to the process
     ~> invoker remove dj

     # If Process can't be killed by SIGINT send a custom signal
     ~> invoker remove dj -s 9

     # add and start running
     ~> invoker add dj

     # List currently running processes managed by invoker
     ~> invoker list

     # Restart process given by command Label
     ~> invoker reload dj

     # Restart process given by command label using specific signal for
     ~> invoker reload dj -s 9


## 0.1.1

- Added support for restarting a process
- Added support for listing currently running processes.
- Rewrote internals of Invoker to be more threadsafe.


- Introduction blog post (

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