I have a ruby on rails application that I would like to upgrade from Ruby
1.8.6 and Rails 2.1 to Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2

Current Application:

Ruby 1.8.6
Rails 2.1

Mysql 5.6

Web/Rails Server

My goal is to update the ruby and rails to the desired releases (1.9.3 &
3.2) with very little changes to the underlying application. I would like
to retain the use of the current gems (with updated versions) without
having to switch to new gems.

For example the application uses restful authentication and would like to
use the rails 3 version and not move onto Devise any other Authentication
Gem unless absolutely necessary (Although devise is nice and I'm open if
can be done seamless fashion). Also I would like to keep the logins &
passwords for current users the same with no password reset for existing

As for as rails servers I would like to use a mongrel derivative like
unicorn, puma etc to hook into nginx web server.

I'm not in an urgent rush to get this done however I would like to work
with someone to to move this process forward. I'm thinking this is a
perfect opportunity for whomever wanted to earn a little extra cash outside
of your normal 9-5. I have a developer's background and upgraded another
project that had a similar setup but I'm too swamp right now and looking
for someone to tackle this.

If you have any questions and are interested shoot me an email at

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