Mr Mapes wrote in post #613756:
Ryan Bigg wrote:
New way is to specify the fields.

script/generate scaffold person first_name:string last_name:string
I'm considering Ruby on Rails, but I already have a big database schema,
and I'd rather not re-type firstname:string lastname:string, for the
dozens of fields in my dozens of tables. Is there some way for Ruby to
build the scaffold based on what it finds in the existing database?
Wasn't that the whole point in previous versions? This seems like a big
step backwards....
Probably to late for Ryan Bigg problem, but
there is a cool gem called schema_to_scaffold to generate a scaffold
it outputs: rails g scaffold users fname:string lname:string bdate:date
email:string encrypted_password:string
from your schema.rb our your renamed schema.rb. Check [here][1]


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