hi guys im planning to make my first fully coded ruby game and i need some
help im not using any special rpg makers or anything

should the code for the hero be like this
Class hero
draw hero.jpg
set @hero_hp 50
set @hero_mp 23
set @hero_tp 0
if right key pressed move right spd = 4
if left key pressed move left spd = 4
if S pressed collide with Enemy_1
@enemy_hp -4

look completely feel free to help me anyone who helps me will get credit
the reason im creating a game is because im sick to death of using the
crappy game maker
and it might allow more freedom

but i need someone to help me correct my code mistakes
like for example if i put variable thunder 50
they might say no you do it like this @thunder = 50

please help me anyway you can you will get credit most definitely thx :)
look forward to hearing back from the community

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