Hi all,

I am a brand new user here so please accept my apologies if this has
already been covered.

I have searched extensively for the problem I'm having but cannot find a
solution. Also, I am very new to Ruby on Rails. I played around with RoR
back in 2008 but never fully got into it.

I have installed all the required and not-so-required things needed like
rvm, homebrew, xcode (I'm on an iMac Lion OSX).

I'm trying to follow the Rails Cast from Ryan Bates called #332 Refinery
CMS Basics located
here: http://railscasts.com/episodes/332-refinery-cms-basics

The problem is this:

I installed "imagemagick" as it suggests in the video. However, I keep
running into an issue where the "libtiff" dependency won't install on my
machine. So I ran "brew doctor" to diagnose and it tells me "You should
`brew install` the missing dependencies: brew install libtiff".

So, I did "brew install" and it starts making and configuring the libtiff
and make installing but after a few seconds it says "error: OpenGL/gl.h: No
such file or directory" as well as "Error: Failed executing: make install

I know this isn't specifically a Rails issue but since I'm trying to play
around RefineryCMS fromt he railscasts video I just wonder if anyone else
has had this same issue? If so, any ideas on how to fix the problem? I
know that this will effect other things as well so not sure what I'm doing

Any information would be very helpful. Also, keep in mind I'm no expert at
the command line.

If you need more information please let me know and I'll do my best. I
didn't want to copy/paste everything just yet in case it was a simple

Thanks very much in advance.

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