Our client brings 30 years of experience in the energy business, more
than 15 patents, and over five million devices deployed throughout
North America. They have earned widespread recognition and the trust
of utilities, regulators, and consumers as a pivotal energy resource.
Our client is the undisputed leader in Residential Demand Response and
is working hard this year to take that title in the Commercial and
Industrial space. They have over 3500 megawatts of power under
management and have grown their revenues 38% annually over the last 5
years. They take the risk out of implementing complex energy
management programs by leveraging their deep understanding of customer
challenges and requirements.

Our client brings unparalleled industry knowledge and experience to
offer the most reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective intelligent
energy management solutions. They deliver the insight and control that
enable energy providers and consumers to optimize their power usage
and meet peak demand through the industry’s only proven, comprehensive
set of technology, services, and information management solutions.

Our client builds software that allows utilities to curtail load on
the electrical grid so that they can meet demand without building more
power plants. So this puts them squarely in the Smart Grid, Green
Energy space. If the idea of writing software that controls devices in
the real world instead of simply updating another social network page
excites you, then this may be the position for you.

• Tired of working for social media startups that have no revenue

• Want to work for a stable company with a proven business model,
without losing the feel of a small, agile team?

• Want to write software that contributes to solving our energy

• Do you want to help make the smart grid actually smart?

Our valued client is looking for several Rails Developers. The Rails
Developers should be comfortable working across all tiers of a web
app, heavy Javascript (jQuery based) on the front all the way to MySQL
in the database layer. Ruby is the primary language, but there is also
a reasonable amount of iOS work and the beginnings of Erlang. Neither
of those skills are required for these positions, but rather a
differentiator. Come join one of the most ambitious and challenging
Rails projects in existence.


• Work across all tiers of a web app, heavy Javascript (iQuery based)
• Work with Ruby language
• iOS work, and the beginnings of an Erlang effort


• Bachelor’s degree preferred or equivalent experience
• Rails experience
• Experience developing across all tiers of a web app
• Experience with git
• Somewhat obsessed with TDD or BDD
• Predisposed to pair programming
• Spurred to action when the build breaks
• Self-motivated to refactor and make improvements
If interested, please contact: Maureen Mone'- 303-474-0518;

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