Hello all and Happy New Year to you,

I posted an inquiry a week ago for a Ruby dev and I'm giving the community another try.

I've learned so much just from following the threads. The experience that I have had being part of these conversations is much like the vision I have for the developer that will help create the basis for this venture.

I know that there is no shortage of opportunity for you all and everyone claims that their idea really is 'changing the world'. But I'm convinced after working in mobile payments (Square) and for Apple that there is a huge benefit to considering the value proposition I've been researching and developing.

The Product:
What I'm looking for in a developer is someone who is invested in the customer's story and who is interested in developing a social Q&A platform with emphasis on local-to-global scalability. Much of the technology requirements are up for conversation with my chief technical advisor and myself. I have chose RoR because it is the framework that I am inspiring to learn. So far, I think I'm in the right place: )

I float between Los Angeles and the Bay area, am privileged and honored by advisors who are leading successful ventures in the Bay area and designing for Apple.

I'm confident in the concept and market opportunity, the community I hope to support and competitive differentiation being proposed. Someone with knowledge in eCommerce for web applications will most certainly be inspired.

I am currently the single employee of the start up and have the support of 3 advisors: two who run successful start ups in San Francisco and another who is a senior UI designer for Apple. Our relationship is built on trust and an enormous amount of faith. They are interested in sharing their learning experiences, as much as this community is.

I will continue to drop in on the conversations to learn more, because I want to be a builder of great product experiences, as much as I am a business developer.

You all stay great and thanks for reading and responding to my post. You are truly one of the best Google Groups I've ever been a part of and I look forward to learning more from you all.

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