Hello list,

We have two minor patchlevel releases fixing a replication bug
introduced recently, that caused the slave to block instead of
detecting the timeout if the master was unreachable but the connection
remained apparently opened.

Severity is moderate, you can read about this issue here:

There were two additional bugs. One is about redis-cli --pipe "mass
import" mode.
There was an error in the busy loop writing to the server and reading
replies back, so actually the tool mass-transmitted everything and
only later read back all the replies. This means huge output buffers
in the server side, pending for the client to read data, and the
inability to use redis-cli --pipe for streaming.

Finally the MOVE command did not move the TTL of the key! A bug as old
as Redis, almost. Finally fixed. I guess nobody uses MOVE, there are
no other ways :-)

Redis Cluster got a few small new things in this release. Redis-trib
fix is able to handle a case which was not handled well in the past,
that may happen when a resharding is interrupted in the middle. Also
the "import" subcommand of redis-trib got a --copy and --replace

So have a nice day. This is the changelog for Redis 3.0.5, which is
basically identical to 2.8.23 if not for the Redis Cluster stuff:

--[ Redis 3.0.5 ] Release date: 15 Oct 2015

Upgrade urgency: MODERATE, the most important thing is a fix in the replication
                  code that may make the slave hanging forever if the master
                  remains with an open socket even if it is no longer able to

* [FIX] MOVE now moves the TTL as well. A bug lasting forever... finally
         fixed thanks to Andy Grunwald that reported it.
         (reported by Andy Grunwald, fixed by Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [FIX] Fix a false positive in HSTRLEN test.
* [FIX] Fix a bug in redis-cli --pipe mode that was not able to read back
         replies from the server incrementally. Now a mass import will use
         a lot less memory, and you can use --pipe to do incremental streaming.
         (reported by Twitter user @fsaintjacques, fixed by Salvatore
* [FIX] Slave detection of master timeout. (fixed by Kevin McGehee, refactoring
         and regression test by Salvatore Sanfilippo)

* [NEW] Cluster: redis-trib fix can fix an additional case for opens lots.
         (Salvatore Sanfilippo)
* [NEW] Cluster: redis-trib import support for --copy and --replace options
         (David Thomson)


Salvatore 'antirez' Sanfilippo
open source developer - Redis Labs https://redislabs.com

"If a system is to have conceptual integrity, someone must control the
        — Fred Brooks, "The Mythical Man-Month", 1975.

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