new bugs discovered in the 2.8 branch, new RCs released. This time we
have a critical bug in the form of an EVAL memory leak in the Lua
stack (so not detectable by our memory leak detector in the Redis
test, since the memory was actually logically reachable).

This release also fixes the same 2.6 issue with memory regression when
storing large objects, and the ability to start the server when there
is no IPv6 address in the target server.

The following is the complete changelog. The tarball is available at
redis.io as usually, the release was also tagged as 2.8.0-rc4 at

--[ Redis 2.8 Release Candidate 4 (2.7.104) ] Release date: 30 Aug 2013

This is the fourth release candidate of Redis 2.8 (official version is 2.7.104).
Important bugs fixed inside.

The EVAL bug shows that 2.8 requires still some time to be released as
stable code, people are starting to seriously test/adopt it right now,
finally. The missing bugs will be found in the course of the next

# UPGRADE URGENCY: HIGH because of the EVAL memory leak.

* [FIX] Fixed a serious EVAL memory leak in the Lua stack.
* [FIX] Fixed server startup when no IPv6 address exists in any interface.
* [FIX] Send MISCONFIG error when BGSAVE fails because can't fork.
* [FIX] Memory efficiency with large (> a few kbytes) values improved
* [NEW] DEBUG SDSLEN for sds memory debugging.


Salvatore 'antirez' Sanfilippo
open source developer - GoPivotal

Beauty is more important in computing than anywhere else in technology
because software is so complicated. Beauty is the ultimate defence
against complexity.
        — David Gelernter

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