Dear friends,

I wonder whether anyone have any experience deploying a Linux HA cluster
using Puppet. I would like to automate the deployment of HA cluster
in a Puppet master-agent model.

These are the challenges I am facing.
1. In the cluster (not individual node) services cman, clvmd and pacemaker
need to start one after the other to form the cluster. So nodes in the
cluster need to aware the status of the other nodes in the cluster (Ex a
node start cman and wait for all other nodes to complete the cmand start).
It may be possible to achieve this using resource exporter but could not
figured this out so far

2. Once the cluster is up, resource related operations only need to be
performed in a single cluster. How can we manage something like this with

If anyone has automated cluster deployment with Puppet would you share that
information please.


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