I am attempting to manage EC2 instances using Puppet's node_aws but
everytime I run

*~$ sudo puppet node_aws list*

I get the following response

*Error: undefined method `reject' for #<Symbol:0x00000001c1df0e>*
*Error: Try 'puppet help node_aws list' for usage*

I have installed Puppet Enterprise Master 3.3.1 on an AWS EC2 Ubuntu 12.04
x64 instance in the ap-southeast-2 region (following the instructions in
the first video here<http://puppetlabs.com/blog/install-puppet-enterprise-ec2-our-new-guide> to
produce an installation answer file<https://github.com/elcollie/publicscripts/blob/master/puppet.master.answer>
I have also installed Ruby 2.0.0p353, Gem version: 2.1.11 and run the Cloud
Provisioner install as outlined here<https://forge-staging-web.puppetlabs.com/puppetlabs/cloud_provisioner/1.0.4>

I also configured my ~/.fog file

* :aws_access_key_id:MYKEY*
* :aws_secret_access_key:MYSECRETKEY*

I successfully ran *sudo puppet agent -t* on the server to have its agent
check and appear in the console.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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