I am trying to use the Puppet Enterprise console to execute an on-demand
Puppet agent run on a single managed node. If I don't set any options for
the runonce command, it works fine. But if I try to set any options at all,
I get this error:

Cannot specify any custom puppet options when the daemon is running

There are only two Puppet-related processes running on the managed node:

ps -ef | grep puppet
root 10883 1 0 Oct21 ? 00:03:11 /opt/puppet/bin/ruby
/opt/puppet/bin/puppet agent

root 11810 1 0 Dec08 ? 00:00:44 /opt/puppet/bin/ruby
/opt/puppet/sbin/mcollectived --pid /var/run/pe-mcollective.pid
Which one do I need to kill in order to be able to specify 'noop=true' when
I execute the runonce from the console? And, if I kill the 'daemon' on the
managed node, will mcollective still periodically run a 'puppet apply' on
that node? Or will I then have to run Puppet manually from the console (or
periodically from a cron entry) to ensure that the node is compliant with
the state defined in Puppet?


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